Having grown up in a city wedged between the ranges of Mala Fatra and Velka Fatra I am used to spending time in the mountains. Mountaineering, hiking, skiing or mushroom picking in the forests – these were the activities that led me to visit some of the most beautiful parts of Slovakia. Naturally I wanted to capture my travels and I soon realized that regular point-and-shoot camera is just not going to cut it. I bought my first DSLR back in 2009 and from that moment I was hooked.

Why do I enjoy landscape photography in particular? It is the combination of creativity and physical challenge that makes it interesting to me. Moreover, you can climb the same mountain a thousand times, yet every time you will encounter different weather and other natural conditions. It is almost impossible to take two identical shots of the same place on two different days which prevents this kind of photography from becoming predictable and boring.

Enjoy the photos!